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Fridge/ Freezer Decluttering and Organizing

By CSC - February 28th, 2017

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At Closet & Storage Concepts, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers declutter and get organized. That includes all aspects of their lives such as in their fridge and freezer. Read on for ways to make room in your fridge. Cooking and entertaining will be a whole lot easier with an organized fridge!

Step 1: Devote Time to Decluttering

Like many decluttering projects, it all starts with timing and a schedule. Block off a couple of hours to go through your fridge to declutter, clean, and get organized. And don’t forget to schedule in a couple of breaks. After all, getting organized can be hard work!

Step 2: Take Everything Out

Sure it may seem unnecessary to take everything out, but by going through this process you will have the opportunity to see everything that is currently taking room up in your freezer and fridge. That jar of jam you forgot about from two years ago? Who knew it was living in the back corner of your fridge! Taking everything out ensures that you have taken a complete inventory of what you own.

For any items that are clearly past their expiration dates (use your sense of smell and sight to help with this), just toss them out. For any items that you’re unsure of, set them aside in one pile. Put everything else in a keep pile.

Step 3: Clean!

We mean it. Freezer burns and stains on shelves can be dissolved. Take bins out and give them a good wipe with disinfectant. This is a great time to start with a clean slate. A sparkling clean fridge will make it easier to see and find items.

Step 4: Toss Out and Organize

It’s time to do any final toss outs before you start placing items back into your fridge. For any items that you’re unsure about, toss them, unless you already have a recipe in mind to use them.

Once you’ve cleared out the necessary items, it’s time to begin placing items back into your fridge. Consider rearranging shelves and bins to make the most of the space you have. Stackable plastic or metal shelves can be used to help double shelving space. Place fragile items on top shelves and heavier items on the bottom.

When it comes to the meat and vegetable drawers, don’t neglect them! Set them at desired temperatures to make foods stay fresher for longer. Separating veggies and meats is beneficial to keep germs or bacteria from spreading to other foods.

Once everything is squared away, you’ll have the perfect organized fridge. Be sure to reorganize and recalibrate every month or so to keep it looking fresh and clean. A clean fridge and freezer is a great starting place for an organized kitchen.

Apply similar organizing goals to your kitchen pantry to make cooking and baking easier. When it comes to custom pantry solutions such as shelving or pullout drawers, or even a place for cookbooks, Closet & Storage Concepts is your premier choice! Find a location near you to get started.

Photo by Michelle Tribe, used under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 2.0).

Easy Decluttering Project: Medicine Cabinet

By CSC - February 24th, 2017

We may be known for custom closets, but at Closet & Storage Concepts, we’re here to help our clients make the most of their homes. This means helping them declutter and get organized in all areas of their lives!

Decluttering can be difficult. Wrap your head around the task at hand by decluttering in manageable chunks. If you’re struggling to declutter your home, consider starting with a simple task: try decluttering your medicine cabinet!

Find our top tips and items you can toss out today below.

Look for Expiration Dates

One of the best guides when decluttering a medicine cabinet is to look for expiration dates. This applies to makeup, skincare products, and medicine. If a product is expired or smells funky it is probably a sign that the product is past it’s prime. For expired prescription medication, set them aside so you can dispose of them safely.

If you don’t see any expiration dates, use your senses to help guide you. Nail polishes that are separating or dried up mascara can probably be tossed. Makeup and skincare products that use fresh or natural ingredients could be more susceptible to going bad.

Give Aways and Promotional Products

If you have a collection of makeup bags that you’ve received as a free gift, consider adding these to the giveaway pile. Many charity organizations and women’s shelters will often take untouched products. It’s a great way to declutter while doing some good!

Place unwanted items into giveaway bags to make it easy to transport. You could even consider giving away items to friends or family.

Don’t Forget Your Handbag

Don’t forget to look inside your handbag as you declutter as tubes of lip balm may be lurking inside. Toss any expired medication and makeup that you find.

Check In Your Shower and Around Your Sink

While you’re at it, check your shower and around your sink for other items that can be tossed. Look at your razor and if you don’t know the last time you replaced the blades, give it a toss. A dull razor can cause knicks, scratches, or an infection. Look around your sink and throw out your old toothbrush. This is crucial for maintaining good oral health as toothbrush bristles can become worn down and hold onto bacteria over time. Talk about a health hazard!

Consider Decanting

Sometimes items can benefit from being decanted. This helps make room in cabinets and on shelves. Moving products into smaller containers lets you ditch large and bulky containers without having to part with any remaining product. Using bottles and containers that look similar can help give the appearance of a more streamlined and luxurious bathroom.

You did it! You took the first step to decluttering your home. For customized home storage products or more organization ideas, give your local Closet & Storage Concepts location a call. Our design experts are ready to help you make the most of your home.

Medicine cabinet by Jamie, used under Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 2.0).

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