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How to Make Working From Home a Success

man working from organized home office

Working at home is becoming a popular choice for people in many industries. Whether you are striking out on your own as an independent contractor or your employer is giving you the option to do so as part of your job, there are a number of ways that you can make the transition smoother.  Lay…

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Creative Ways to Keep Kids Organized

Finding it difficult to keep your kids organized? You're not alone. Every family struggles with the day-to-day tasks to keep a home organized, but you can make it easier on yourself and your family with custom storage. Here are a few ideas for a happier home.  Design their Closet With Them In Mind It isn't always that…

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Murphy Bed Safety

White murphy wall bed Boston

Murphy beds have been around since the 1900s and many safety improvements have been implemented since William L. Murphy's first iteration. Following careful instructions from your Boston Murphy bed installers will help protect you, your family, and your home. Consider these other safety tips.  Have the Bed Installed by a Professional It can be tempting…

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3 Home Resolutions To Make For 2018

Keeping your home organized will help you save time, keep you from losing or damaging important items, and keep your home looking clean and tidy at all times. If you aren't sure how to reach your organizational goals, resolve to do the following to get off to a good start this year.  Get Rid of…

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8 Things To Get Rid of in the New Year

The New Year is often a time when people set goals and resolutions. If you want to have a tidy home and find a routine that works for you, start with decluttering. It’s a great way to get off on the right foot. Here are 8 things to consider dumping for 2018.  Gift Wrapping Before…

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Watch Out for Home Storage Solutions That Will Decrease Home Value

Piggy bank and blueprint remodel on budget

In most cases adding extra storage space to your home will boost your home's value, enabling you to sell faster and at a higher price than would have otherwise been possible. However, not all storage solutions will add value to your home. Avoid the following scenarios and get top-dollar for your home.  In-Efficient Storage Space…

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Tips for Prepping and Storing Emergency Supplies

Emergency supply kit and checklist

From power outages to storms, one of the best ways to get ready for the unexpected is through gathering and storing emergency supplies. At its heart, prepping is just about being prepared. It's not just for hardcore survivalists either -stockpiling basic supplies is something Americans have done for generations. It is only within the last…

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Murphy Beds: The Perfect Storage Solution For Empty Nesters

Murphy Beds in Boston

For empty nesters in the greater Boston area, utilizing your grown son or daughter’s bedroom can pose a challenge. While you’d like to take advantage of the unused space, you also want to save the bedroom for times when your child returns to visit. Murphy beds provide the perfect solution. Read more to see how…

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Choosing Between Open and Closed Shelving

open shelves Boston home office

Open shelving is a common storage solution for just about any room of the home. However, like all storage options, there are some design considerations. Following are some tips about this type of storage that can help you determine if it's the right option for your home.  [caption id="attachment_1387" align="aligncenter" width="380"] A crafting area featuring…

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How to Prepare Your Storage Areas for the Holidays

wrapping paper craft room built-in Boston

Don't wait until you have unwrapped Christmas gifts all over the living room to prepare your home for an influx of new stuff. Here are some simple yet effective storage organization tips that you can do to prepare. De-Clutter A few weeks before Christmas, as you're putting up decorations, look at your belongings and get…

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