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Adjusting Your Home for Summer

Make adjustments to your home for the summer to take advantage of a more relaxed environment. Get top tips from the Charlotte pros at Closet & Storage Concepts below. Entryway With the summer season, you may not need as much storage for school activities. Adjust your storage containers for the items you'll need in the…

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Making Space for Hobbies in Your Garage

garage storage charlotte

The garage is an area that tends to see a lot of clutter, and it may not be the most inviting area in your home for this very reason. Instead of avoiding your garage, consider clearing up some space to take full advantage of its potential. Closet & Storage Concepts Charlotte has the expert advice…

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Decluttering 101: Deciding What to Toss & Keep

Sorting and donating clutter

Knowing what to toss and what to keep can mean the difference between an organized, relaxing home and a cluttered, dirty one. Find key tips to help you know which items to hold on to and which ones to sell or give away. Consider Use Go through your accessories, tools, and office supplies and ask…

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3 Reasons to Customize Your Closet

Traditional custom closet charlotte dark wood

Your closet contains some of the most important clothes, shoes, and accessories you own, making efficient storage and organization an absolute necessity. The methods and tools you use to do this should fit your personality, style, and needs, to make your life as easy and cost-effective as possible. Your closet should also give you the…

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Design Ideas for the Ultimate Pantry

The pantry has been around for centuries, but it’s come a long way from the root cellar of days gone by. Today’s pantries are sleek and modern, with state of the art appliances and custom pantry storage and organization. However, there’s still room to draw from classic features to bring the charm and functionality of the…

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Top 5 Organizing & Cleaning Tips for Spring 2017

neat organized kitchen cabinets

Spring is the most popular time for cleaning and organizing a home. Not only is there the promise of warmer weather in the near future, the freshness of a brand new year is still very evident. The following tips can help you get organized as you embark on your spring 2017 cleanup. 1. Declutter It's…

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Creating & Organizing a New Craft Room

  Craft rooms can get out of hand quickly, especially if you work on different projects. A messy craft room can cause panic when a relative or friend wants to come visit and you need your craft room for a guest room for a week or two. Even though it might look like the craft…

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Clearing the Garage Floor: Getting Storage Off the Ground

"Getting off the ground" is a phrase often used when getting started on many kinds of projects. But storing bulky or awkward items in garages – such as bicycles, ladders and sports equipment – is a project that literally needs to get off the ground. After putting a lot of time and money into organizing…

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Turning a Laundry Room Into a Multi-Purpose Marvel

Laundry rooms and mudrooms don't have to be dark, drab spaces limited to a single function. Making cabinetry, lighting, and paint improvements are the first steps to transforming it into an inviting, multi-purpose marvel. As the washing machine swishes and the dryer rumbles, homeowners can accomplish other tasks or enjoy hobbies in a room designed…

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3 Ways to Customize Your Home Office

If work is always coming home with you or you’ve joined the telecommuter trend, having a functional home office is essential. Here at Closest & Storage Concepts, we can build a perfect unit for your Charlotte home. No matter the size of your office, our custom desk units are designed to fit your lifestyle and…

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