Keeping Your Closet Organized this Winter

By CSC - December 2nd, 2014

Dropping temperatures means it’s time to break out the coats, boots, scarves, hats and gloves. While snowy days can be fun, many homeowners find they have a hard time finding a place for all the winter gear that comes along with the winter months. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips for keeping your closets and home organized this winter.

Cycle clothes by season

One of the most space-saving things you can do is cycle your clothes by season. You don’t need shorts and flip-flops when it’s below freezing outside, so they shouldn’t be taking up space in your closet. Keep off-season clothes stored away in containers while not in use. This will free up extra space in your closet for some of your more bulky winter items. Then when temperatures begin to rise again, you simply swap in your summer clothes, and pack away your winter gear until next year.

Utilize all your closets

Your winter gear doesn’t all need to fit in your bedroom closet. Front hall closets and mudrooms are great alternatives for storing winter coats and boots. You may need to do some rearranging, but keeping your family’s jackets in one place like a front hall closet or the coat hooks in your laundry room will save you time and space! If you have a guest room in your home, but aren’t expecting guests anytime soon, a guest room closet is also a great option for storing winter gear.

Stay organized

It’s easy to just toss your coat onto the nearest chair and leave your boots in a pile in the front hallway when you arrive home each day, but keeping up with your system is crucial for keeping your home organized this winter. It takes just a few seconds to hang your jacket up and put your shoes away, so don’t let yourself fall into a habit of leaving these items laying around. For smaller items like hats, gloves and scarves, consider keeping some decorative baskets by each doorway into your home. Family members and visitors can toss their hats or gloves into the basket when they come inside and simply take their items out of the basket on their way out the door. Choose holiday-themed baskets for some festive flair that also helps keep your home tidy.

If your home is in need of a more serious organization makeover, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado today. We create closets and home organization systems custom designed to fit your space and lifestyle!


Guest Room Design Tips

By CSC - December 2nd, 2014

The holidays are officially here, which means many people are expecting houseguests in the near future. If you have family or friends visiting, it’s time to get your guest room ready for their arrival! Read on for our tips on creating a welcoming, well-organized guest room.

First, take some time to clean up your guest room. Guest rooms often act as extra storage and can collect clutter between visitors. You don’t want your guests to have to climb over old storage boxes or piles of paperwork to get to the bed, so make sure you put away everything that doesn’t belong. This is also a good time to evaluate the storage situation in your guest room. Guest rooms should have ample closet space, as well as drawers or shelving and a side table. This is especially important if you frequently have guests stay for more than a few days. If there’s not enough closet space in your guest room, your visitors won’t have anywhere to put their clothes and will have to keep everything piled in their suitcase. This doesn’t create the most welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, so be sure to provide adequate space for your guests to store their belongings.

If your guest room closet isn’t doing the job anymore, contact us to learn more about our custom closet storage systems. Also consider installing a Murphy bed, which allows you to store the bed away when not in use. Many Murphy bed frames also provide storage space, which is great for multi-purpose rooms.

This is also a good time to evaluate whether or not you need to make any upgrades. A new rug, some updated lighting fixtures, and a comfy chair will all go a long way to make your guest room a more welcoming space. Also consider purchasing a new mattress if you haven’t replaced the one in your guest room in a while. Nothing makes for a terrible night’s sleep like a bad mattress, so it may be time to invest in a replacement.

Once your guest room is clean and organized, it’s time to focus on the details. Fresh towels and linens, toiletries, an alarm clock and extra blankets are all items that make a guest room feel like home. Since your guests will be visiting during the holidays, consider putting up some holiday decorations to add a festive touch. If your guest room has a desk in it, stock up on paper, pens, stamps and any other items your guest may need. It’s also a nice touch to leave your Wi-Fi network name and password on a little card in the room.

We hope you found these tips helpful for getting your guest room ready for the holidays! Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado today for all your home organization needs.

Designing a Multi-Use Room

By csc-admin - November 26th, 2014

Many homeowners would love to have unlimited space in their home. Having enough rooms to accommodate a separate office, game room, media room, play room, guest room, and any other room you can think of would be an ideal situation. However, this usually isn’t reality for most people. When space is limited, making smart use of your spare room or rooms is crucial. Read on for Closet & Storage Concepts’ tips on designing a multi-use room!


Before you even begin the design process, it’s important to consider what you will be using the room for. A home office/guest room will typically work well, as will a media room/play room combination. However, you may run into some issues if you try to combine a home office with a kid’s playroom! It’s also important to consider the structure of the room itself. Is there enough space to accommodate a guest bed and a full desk? Be sure to measure everything out so you don’t end up with any surprises. To get a good sense of how the space will flow, use painter’s tape on the floor to outline where all the furniture will go.


Storage is key to a well-designed room. For your room to be functional as a multi-use space, there must be enough storage to hold all the items that aren’t in use so that the room can be used in other ways. For example, if your room is a guest room/play room, you should invest in a storage system that will keep your kids’ toys organized and stored away when a guest is visiting. Custom storage closets with shelves, hangers and drawers can serve as both a place to store games and toys, and a place for guests to put their clothes. Make use of wall space with bookcases and floating shelves, which can be used for storage and décor purposes.


It’s also important to consider what furniture will be in your multi-use room. For guest room combinations, Murphy beds are a great option because they fold up when not in use, freeing up space. Many Murphy beds also have built-in storage, which is great if the storage space in the room is limited. If your room doubles as a game room and media room, consider investing in a storage ottoman with a lift-off lid and room to store games and toys inside.

Organization and storage is our specialty! If you need help turning your space into a functional multi-use room, give us a call today! We offer free, in-home estimates.

Tips for Mudroom Design

By csc-admin - November 24th, 2014

A mudroom can be an incredibly useful space in your home. Serving as a connection between the indoors and the outdoors, this area often sees a lot of use and, if managed well, can serve as a great and functional storage area. Here are some considerations to make sure you’re getting the most out of your mudroom.

Design based on who will use it

An important thing to keep focus of is who will be using the space. If you have children who will be going in and out often, make sure that the space is open enough to easily pass through but also has a set-aside area to clean off and remove dirty shoes and coats. Similarly, if you have pets, consider setting aside a separate area for them to settle before or after going outside.

Create a flow

Your mudroom functions as a breezeway, a connection between the indoors and the outdoors. As such, your design for the space should incorporate elements of exterior and interior design. Generally, earth-tones and more natural themes work well for this type of space.

Find multiple uses for the space

Although a mudroom can be very useful, it’s usually a relatively smaller place. In order to really get the most mileage, look for multiple ways to use the area. If you do your laundry in the mudroom, put storage above or beneath the machines to maximize use of the vertical space.

Use plenty of storage

Again, it’s important to take advantage of your space by using storage. Adding cabinets for coats will provide easy storage, and adding doors can keep messes out of view. A bench is another good addition to the space – not only does it provide quick comfortable seating, but you can also store boots or add drawers underneath.

Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado can help you with great custom storage designs. Give us a call today!

Great Tips for Organizing your Home Office

By csc-admin - November 21st, 2014

With the advent of the internet and other technologies, the workplace has shifted. Many workplaces now offer work-from-home opportunities, and entrepreneurship or self-employment has become much more feasible.

However, the home office is very different from the average office building. Although you have much more freedom in how you design the office, the relative lack of structure can make it much harder to stay organized. Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of your home office space.

Zone areas into different sections

A typical office has different areas, like copy rooms or meeting rooms, set aside to take care of different tasks. Although your office space is probably much smaller, try copying this method to get the most out of your space. Different tasks like printing, filing and storage, or using the computer should be placed in different ‘zones’ in the room or on the desk. Keeping areas separate will help you keep track of where things should go, as well as limiting where clutter builds up.

Organize your desk space

Although you may have a lot of things going on, you shouldn’t let that translate into having a lot of things taking up space on the desk. Tools like a filing cabinet or inbox/outbox system will help you keep papers from building up all over the place.
You should also keep your desk clear from tangles of wires. Keep all your computer parts in one place, and tuck the wires behind your desk. Tuck your computer tower beneath your desk, rather than on top. Set aside a small docking station for gadgets or phones, rather than stretching out cables all over the desktop. Go cordless when possible, like with your mouse or keyboard.

Use furniture effectively

Don’t limit yourself to just one desk – multiple furniture pieces will allow you to get the most out of your space. An additional, smaller desk for printing supplies will help you clear off your main desk and designate a space for that work. A bookshelf or filing cabinet will effectively and efficiently store many items.

Organize with tools

Finally, consider using specialized design tools to really get the most out of your space. Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado has a great deal of organization solutions for you: shelving units for vertical space, cabinets, drawers, and more. Because each of our office storage products are custom-made, we’ll always have the perfect fit for you.

How to Sort your Movie Collection

By csc-admin - November 19th, 2014

Lights, camera, action! Watching movies is great fun, and it’s quite enjoyable to build a collection of movies you love seeing again and again. However, over time your collection can grow into an unmanageable size, making it hard to keep track of the movies you’d like to see. Today we’ll look at a method to get your movies under control so you can get back to watching them!


The first thing you should do is go through your collection. Look over each movie – ask yourself when you last watched it, how much you enjoy it, and most importantly if you’d watch it again. Seriously consider getting rid of a movie that you can’t come up with a good answer to all three. Additionally, try to clear out VHS tapes whenever possible. They’re bulkier and wear down more easily than modern digital media, and DVD or Blu-Ray versions of older movies are generally lower-priced. Replacing old tapes that you watch often is an inexpensive and wise investment.

Streamline cases

Once you’ve thinned out your collection, it’s time to slim down your cases. DVD cases have a lot of extra, unneeded space – they’re twice as tall as the disks and much thicker than the disk and guide. By using plastic sleeves or slim cases, you can more than halve the space that your DVDs take up. You can decide whether to keep the paper inserts or take up even less space by only keeping the disks themselves. Of course, this may not always be feasible – it’s all right to leave a few in their fancier cases or keep boxed sets together. The important thing is to make sure that that the majority of the movies have been taken care of.

Sort it out

Now it’s time to sort all your movies. The most obvious way is to alphabetize them from A to Z. You can also use a few other methods to sort them more efficiently – divide movies by genres, or split the kids’ videos from your movies. As long as movies are grouped together in ways that makes them easy to find, you’ve done a good job.


Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado is ready to help you store your movies. With custom shelving units, cabinets, and entertainment centers, we can find the perfect storage solution for your collection and your space. Contact us for a free estimate today!

Mud Room Storage Tips

By csc-admin - November 14th, 2014

Mud rooms are a great feature to have in any home, and often function as both an entryway and laundry room. When organized properly, mud rooms also offer great storage potential. Read on for some tips on keeping your mud room clutter free!

Labeled Laundry Baskets

If your mud room doubles as a laundry room, it’s crucial to have storage systems in place to keep your laundry organized. Keep a multi-section laundry hamper next to your laundry machines and label each section accordingly. Sorting the laundry like this ahead of time will save you time and energy when the hamper is full, so you’re not left sorting through a big pile of clothes.

Shelving and Hooks

Adding some simple hooks to your mud room will provide a place for people to hang coats, purses and bags, and extra shelves are great for storing folded laundry, towels, and cleaning supplies. Install some shelves above your laundry machine for easy access to items you use regularly, like laundry detergent and dryer sheets. You can even purchase some baskets or storage bins to keep the items in if you don’t like the look of them sitting on the shelf out in the open.

Shoe racks

A mud room is often the first barrier between the outdoors and the inside of your home, and will see plenty of water, dirt, dust and of course, mud tracked in. Unless you want to regularly have a pile of muddy shoes lying on the floor, a good quality shoe and boot rack is a necessity. Having an accessible place for friends and family to store their shoes will encourage them to remove their shoes before entering your home, which will help protect your floors, and it will also help keep your mud room neat and tidy.

If your mud room needs an organizational makeover, give Closet & Storage Concepts a call today! We offer free, in-home estimates and serve all of Colorado!

Prepping Your Home for the Holidays

By CSC - November 10th, 2014

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With the holidays just around the corner, we know many homeowners in Colorado are expecting houseguests in the near future. It’s important to take some time to prepare your home for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Read on for tips on getting organized for the holidays!

Before you break out all your decorations, do a deep clean of your home. Not only will this start you off with a clean slate, but it will also save you time when you’re cleaning up before guests arrive. With a deep clean out of the way, you’ll just need to spot clean to keep your home looking great throughout the holiday season. Plan to do this deep clean a couple weeks before your first big holiday event. This will give you plenty of time to get everything done and will keep you from having to stay up until midnight scrubbing your kitchen floors the night before your guests arrive!

Consider upgrading your storage as you head into the winter months. Are your holiday decorations stored in old cardboard boxes in the corner of your garage? Custom garage cabinetry will keep your decorations in good condition and out of the way once the holidays are over. Are your existing shelves overflowing with decorations? A new shelving unit in your home office or living room will provide additional space for you to display all your holiday decorations. And of course, cold weather brings oversized coats, boots and hats that may not fit in your closet. A custom closet system will help keep all your winter gear organized and accessible.

Food and cooking are a big part of the holiday season. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or the annual cookie exchange, it’s important that your kitchen is ready. Inventory your pantry and get rid of any old or expired items, and make note of any staples you need to stock up on. There’s a good chance there will be “too many cooks in the kitchen” at some point in the next two months, so make sure your pantry is organized and easy for anyone to navigate. If you’ve been considering investing in a custom pantry storage system, now is a great time.

Organization is our specialty at Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado! As you get your home ready for the holidays, give us a call for all your home storage and organization needs.

Getting the Most from Your Home Office

By CSC - November 10th, 2014


A home office can be a great asset to any home. It provides a place to complete work, homework, craft projects and more. However, home offices can easily become cluttered and messy. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips on getting the most from your home office space.


De-cluttering is one of the best ways to ensure that your home office is a productive space. Still have a pile of receipts from 2003? Is your drawer full of pens that are out of ink? Take some time to throw away, file, or put away any items sitting out. Not only will this make your office more aesthetically attractive, but you’ll save time and energy not having to dig through stacks of paper or an overstuffed junk drawer looking for what you need.

Invest in storage

Even the most organized homeowner is going to end up with a cluttered office if there’s not enough storage. Consider what items you keep in your home office (paperwork, supplies, etc) and evaluate whether or not you have adequate storage for each item. In particular, paperwork can pile up and create a real mess, so it’s important to keep to a filing system and have at least one filing cabinet. Shelves and drawers are also great for storing supplies, books, pictures and more. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we can create a home office storage system custom designed to fit all your needs.

Add personal touches

Your home office doesn’t need to be completely devoid of personality. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, you should make it a space you enjoy. Pictures, awards, plants or flowers, or a bright accent wall can all add interest to your home office without being overbearing or adding to the clutter.

If your home office needs an organization makeover, give us a call today for a free in-home estimate!

Organizing Your Spare Closets

By csc-admin - November 10th, 2014

Whether it’s in the front hallway or in an extra bedroom, most houses have at least one or two spare closets. Oftentimes, these closets become a catch-all for things that don’t have any other place to go. While closets are great for keeping these items hidden away and out of sight, they usually become cluttered and messy. Read on for some great tips on keeping your spare closets organized!


Take some time to really sort through the contents of your spare closet. Many of the things in there can probably be thrown away or donated. Eliminating the items you don’t need will free up space for the things you do want to keep. After you pull all the items out of your spare closet, do a deep clean. If your closet is carpeted, vacuum the floor and use the nozzle attachments to get into the corners. If your closet has hardwood, tile or some other hard floor, do a quick mop to get rid of any dirt or grime.  Also make sure to wipe down any shelving or flat surfaces that easily accumulate dust.

Use storage bins

After you de-clutter, you may find that you still have some loose items you want to keep. Plastic storage bins are a great solution when you have odds and ends that need to be stored. Storage bins look tidy, keep loose items all together, and can be reused in a multitude of ways down the road.

 Add more storage

If your spare closet doesn’t have a lot of built in storage, consider purchasing some racks, shelving or hangers. For shoes, over-the-door shoe racks are a great way to free up floor space.   Installing a few additional coat hangers in a front hall closet will keep coats and jackets from being tossed on the ground. You can even use plastic stick-on hooks to hang cleaning supplies or other household items.


At Closet & Storage Concepts of Colorado, we offer custom storage and organization systems for any room in your home! Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation.