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New Year’s Resolutions For A More Organized Home

home organization tips

As we get ready to ring in the New Year, you may be thinking about how you can make this coming year better than the one coming to an end. Resolutions are great things to have, but they often fizzle out after the first couple weeks or months. Setting realistic goals for your home and…

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7 Trends in Custom Pantry Storage & Design

custom pantry designs Nevada

If you’re like many homeowners in the Henderson and Las Vegas area, you’re likely used to the average pantry design. However, have you ever considered your options beyond what’s expected? Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada can help take your pantry to the next level. If you want your kitchen experience to be extraordinary, it’s…

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Smart Home Office Design Methods

custom home office Nevada

Creating the perfect home office requires planning. Having a smart design and sensible storage is especially important considering one of the main purposes of this area is to increase productivity and efficiency. There are many methods you can employ, and different designs work for different people. That’s why a custom home office design will result…

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Accommodating Holiday Guests With A Murphy Bed

wall bed las vegas

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s that time of year where many Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin area homeowners play host to a number of guests. Although a fun time of year, this can also be a stressful time for many reasons. However, not having to worry about where your guests will…

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5 Organizational Tips For Small Closets

tips for small closets las vegas

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large walk-in closet where they can store an expansive shoe collection and bask in the spaciousness when choosing their outfit each day. Many homeowners in the Las Vegas and Henderson area would opt for more space if they could. However, the reality is you often have to…

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4 Creative Ways To Organize Your Shoe Collection

Las Vegas closets shoe storage

For some homeowners in the Las Vegas and Henderson area, shoes are a favorite part of their wardrobe. For others, shoes are an absolute obsession. No matter which category describes you, we’re all on a quest to find an ideal way to keep our shoes organized and easily accessible. Read on to discover various methods…

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Special Embellishments for Your Custom Closet

custom closets Nevada

Perhaps you’ve been considering installing a custom closet in your Las Vegas or Henderson area home for a while. Maybe you’ve even been looking for ideas and inspiration when out shopping in your favorite boutiques. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Nevada, we specialize in creating customized storage solutions for any space. Our closet experts…

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Stylish Storage For Your Custom Pantry

custom pantry storage Las Vegas

Just as you might model your custom bedroom closet after your favorite boutique, styling your custom pantry can be done to mimic your cooking style, entertaining habits, or favorite restaurant aesthetic. Whether you enjoy the farmhouse look or tend to host more elegant dinner parties in your Las Vegas home, you can achieve your desired…

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Get This Simple Tool For Ultimate Garage Organization

You’ve seen this tool in the garages you envy: it puts everything on display, ready at a moment’s notice for any kind of project, easy to find and organize. Plus, it just looks cool – like something you’d find in a professional mechanic’s shop. What is this mystery item? The pegboard, of course! If you…

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Custom Home Office Solutions for the Telecommuter

custom home office Las Vegas

Thanks to our ability to easily communicate and share information to people and places all over the world, more and more homeowners are finding themselves in professions that allow the flexibility to work from home. If this is the case for you, you’ll want to make sure you have an efficient and comfortable home office…

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