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A mud room is often not even a room, but instead can be many things: a hybrid entryway, a laundry room, a storage space; the list goes on. With so many uses for this multi-purpose area of the home, it is no wonder that it can often become cluttered beyond belief. Luckily Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas is here to rescue you from mud room mayhem!

Maximizing space in the utility/mud room is essential. With effective storage solution in place in the mud room, you will see a domino effect throughout the house that helps clear up space in pantries, closets, and your garage. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas, our experts will help you maximize space and get the most out of your mud room. In a mud room, homeowners often don’t take advantage of their vertical space, and a custom storage solution from Closet & Storage Concepts can help you do just that. Because we custom-build all our products in our own facility, you know we will make sure to use every inch of available space.

Say goodbye to your cluttered mud rooms and disorganized laundry areas and say hello to your new best friends at Closet & Storage Concepts of Las Vegas! Our organization experts will help transform your mud room in ways you never thought possible, so give us a call today!

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What Our Customers are Saying...

"I am extremely happy with your closet product and the installation of it. I had a couple of concerns and they were addressed immediately. I think your price was fair and everyone was very nice to work with. I know I'll have many years of enjoyment of my new "home improvement project.""
- Julie, Sun City Anthem (Henderson, NV)
"As owner of The Appreciated Painter, I would like to express my appreciation in the experiences I have had in using your company - Closet & Storage Concepts.
I am a company that strives for detail and making the client experience a great one. With the great design concepts and the helpful information you gave us in our own home, not only was it beneficial for our own personal use, but I as the husband even have some closet space! In referring you to my clients and designers, I get great praise in the professional experience they have with you from start to finish. It’s great to know they can talk to the owner personally, anytime they need to. That means a lot."

- Tony Payson, The Appreciated Painter (Henderson, NV)
"I can’t thank you enough for a great design, it’s perfect! Victor did a fantastic job on the installation, again, perfect! Thanks again!"
- Linda Aiello (Henderson, NV)
"Great Job!!!!"
- Elisa Bouchard (Las Vegas, NV)
"We enjoyed working with your company and will recommend you to others."
- Brent Caldwell (Las Vegas, NV)
"Everything is EXCELLENT!"
- J Geddes (Henderson, NV)
"This is the second time we have used your services. It was a great experience working with your reps and we look forward to working with you on our garage organizing project."
- Enrique Guzman (Henderson, NV)
"Would highly recommend you – and have!"
- Candace Madden (Las Vegas, NV)
"Great Job! Thank you."
- S. Menasco (Henderson, NV)
"My office project is very nice. Thank you for a great job."
- A. James (Las Vegas, NV)
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