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3 Essential Elements of a Custom Home Office

custom home office Modesto

There are a few things that every custom home office should have. Whether you use the space to do chores, run a business, or simply hide out and surf the web, your office has to be comfortable, versatile, and functional. But where do you begin when it’s time to consider the design of your office?…

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6 Fashion-Forward Custom Closet Ideas to Make a Statement

custom closet Modesto

A custom closet allows you to create the ideal storage configuration for your clothing and personal items. However, you can really make it your own by adding special touches that exude style and personality. Consider these six fashion-forward closet décor ideas from Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto to transform your closet space into one…

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The Benefits of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are also referred to as wall beds, pull-down beds, and fold-down beds. Whatever you call them, they’re a fantastic space-saving choice when it comes to choosing a bed. They used to have a bad reputation for being springy, tiny cot-like mattresses that led to a bad night’s sleep. However, Murphy beds have resurged…

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4 Must-Have Components of a Custom Closet

custom closets Modesto

If you’re new to the world of custom closets, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of designing your own. Maybe you aren’t sure what you need or what to expect when meeting with your designer. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Our experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto will be with you…

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Organizing Shared Closets For Kids

kids' custom closet Modesto

If your kids share a bedroom, figuring out how to store their clothes and accessories in a shared space can be a struggle. Most bedrooms only have one closet, which presents the additional challenge of splitting the storage space between your children. Use the following tips from Closet & Storage Concepts Modesto to keep them…

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