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Steps To An Organized Garage

custom garage storage Modesto

At Closet & Storage Concepts, we are no strangers to the disorganized and chaotic garage. We help homeowners across the Modesto, Turlock, and Manteca areas conquer clutter in their garages to create a tidy and functional space. We know taking on this task can seem overwhelming. However, we’re here to help! We provide custom storage…

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3 Benefits of Custom Pantry Storage

Custom pantry storage Modesto

One common complaint we hear from homeowners in the Modesto, Turlock, and Manteca areas is that their kitchen doesn’t have adequate storage. We understand the problems this can cause. Not having sufficient storage spaces for your kitchen needs can make everyday tasks more difficult. That’s why Closet & Storage Concepts is here to offer customized…

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Custom Closet Designs For The Modern Professional

custom closet storage Modesto

As a working professional in 2018, having a closet to match your lifestyle can offer many benefits you may not realize. Managing the stress and demands of your responsibilities at work can often take a toll on your home life. Finding ways to ease these pressures with better organization can help you be a happier…

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Creating A Multi-Use Space With A Murphy Bed

murphy bed & home office combo

Many homeowners in the Modesto, Manteca, and Turlock areas run into a common dilemma when trying to find space in their homes for all of their needs. They don’t want to give up their guest room, but they also want a space that can work as a home office or a playroom for their kids.…

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6 Space-Saving Décor & Storage Ideas For Students

storage ideas for students Modesto

Attending college usually means working within a limited budget and, if you don’t live with parents, in a limited space. Of course, all of this serves the greater good as you focus on your studies and earn your degree. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize even the smallest of spaces, stay organized, and even still…

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Organization Tips For The Holidays

holiday organization Modesto

This time of year is a busy one for homeowners around Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. With the arrivals of out-of-town guests, meal preparation, gift buying, and errand running, there’s hardly time for chores. However, keeping your home organized can go a long way in keeping you sane this holiday season. Here, your local experts…

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How Closet Organization Can Improve the Feng Shui in Your Home (and Your Life)

feng shui custom closet organization

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of optimizing the energy flow and feel within a space. Its basic principles include minimizing clutter and using strategic design and furniture placement to enhance the feel of the room. Feng Shui also taps into directional principles, color therapy, plants, and the natural world to help fine tune…

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3 Essential Elements of a Custom Home Office

custom home office Modesto

There are a few things that every custom home office should have. Whether you use the space to do chores, run a business, or simply hide out and surf the web, your office has to be comfortable, versatile, and functional. But where do you begin when it’s time to consider the design of your office?…

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6 Fashion-Forward Custom Closet Ideas to Make a Statement

custom closet Modesto

A custom closet allows you to create the ideal storage configuration for your clothing and personal items. However, you can really make it your own by adding special touches that exude style and personality. Consider these six fashion-forward closet décor ideas from Closet & Storage Concepts of Modesto to transform your closet space into one…

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The Benefits of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are also referred to as wall beds, pull-down beds, and fold-down beds. Whatever you call them, they’re a fantastic space-saving choice when it comes to choosing a bed. They used to have a bad reputation for being springy, tiny cot-like mattresses that led to a bad night’s sleep. However, Murphy beds have resurged…

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