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Decluttering 101: Deciding What to Toss & Keep

Sorting and donating clutter

Knowing what to toss and what to keep can mean the difference between an organized, relaxing home and a cluttered, dirty one. Find key tips to help you know which items to hold on to and which ones to sell or give away. Consider Use Go through your accessories, tools, and office supplies and ask…

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4 Ways to Organize Your Entertainment Center

organized entertainment center

The entertainment center is a central feature of the American living room. However, despite its prominent status, the entertainment center is often neglected when it comes to organization — resulting in a confusing jumble of cords, remotes, and media. Here are four tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte to help you keep things organized!…

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5 Tips for Organizing Your Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations organizing in Charlotte

When the busy holiday season rolls around, you don’t want to waste time searching your Charlotte home for an unlabeled box of ornaments or a working string of lights. Storing your holiday supplies in an organized, accessible fashion can help minimize stress and streamline holiday prep. If you’re not sure where to start, here are…

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Change Habits in the Fall, Not the Winter

home and garage organization in charlotte, nc

When we think of change and new habits we instantly think of a new year. Writing a different number in our day planner, on our next school assignment, or in a business email seems to make the passage of time more tangible, and although a year can pass in a blur something about a new…

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The Mental Benefits of an Organized Space

Most of the time we get rid of things when they’re no longer functional. We throw out that old container of yogurt when it expires and we replace the lawn mower when it breaks and can no longer be fixed. Sometimes we get rid of things when we don’t use them regularly, like that pair…

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Storage Areas You Might Be Overlooking

Custom bookshelves and bench Charlotte

At Closet & Storage Concepts of Charlotte, NC, we’re experts in all things storage! We design, manufacture, and install all of our storage systems making it easy for you to create a home of your dreams. To maximize storage space we properly measure and design a custom solution for your home. If you’re looking for…

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3 Eyesores You Can Conceal Today

If you’re planning on remodeling your home, whether it’s your office or your closet, you know that the details matter. Design is all about functionality and clutter can hinder that. Here are some clever solutions to hide the eyesores in your home. You can fake a clutter-free space and make your home look larger. The…

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Creating and Keeping an Organized Morning Routine

For some people, staying organized and sticking to a schedule is a piece of cake. Waking up on time and having everything ready to go five minutes early is no problem. If that doesn’t apply to you, then it may be time to create a morning routine that is more organized and less stressful! Having…

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How to Stay Organized Over the Holidays

As much as everyone loves the holiday season, it can be a bit stressful! With extra social gatherings, shopping for presents, and baking holiday treats, it can be hard to stick to our normal routine. No one wants a messy house over the holidays, so it’s important to figure out a strategy for keeping things…

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How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean & Organized

With endless options of shampoo, moisturizer, and makeup, it can be hard to keep your bathroom organized. Whether you have limited storage space or are cramming too many products into one bathroom, there are multiple ways to make it more manageable. Take a look at these simple and easy bathroom storage ideas from the experts…

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