Make Room for Life


The Only Spring Cleaning Tools You Need

When it comes to spring cleaning, using the right tools is important to help you maintain your home without slowing you down. At Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix, we want to assist you in any way we can when it comes to organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and building space-saving storage solutions. Here's our list of the…

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Why You’ll Love Working With Our Team

contemporary boutique custom closet system Phoenix

When it’s time to upgrade your home, you need professionals you know you can trust. At Closet & Storage Concepts, we’re proud to offer friendly service with the highest quality products. We think you’ll love working with our team of designers and installers. Here are just a few reasons why. Quality Products Durable materials with…

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5 Wardrobe Items to Invest In

Fall in love with your wardrobe! Step away from adding new pieces to your wardrobe constantly. One way to speed up morning routines? Make it easier to get ready in the morning by only having items that you love. These five things will take you from Saturday brunch to Wednesday power meeting. Sunglasses The Valley…

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The Outbox – Why You Should Have This One Item in Your Closet

Some closet designers and organizers have their own secrets to help their clients get organized and tidy. As your local Phoenix closet experts, we're here to provide the latest tips from the organizing world. The newest method? Try an outbox.  What’s an Outbox? First, what is an outbox? An outbox can be a basket or…

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An Introduction to Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method

And How You Can Get and Stay Organized with Closet & Storage Concepts! When it comes to New Year's resolutions, getting organized and having a cleaner home ranks right up there with increasing wealth and being healthier. This year, there is plenty of inspiration when it comes to getting and staying organized. A Japanese sensation,…

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Product Spotlight: Built-In Bookcases

local built-in bookshelf in Phoenix, AZ

At Closet & Storage Concepts, we love helping our clients Make Room for Life®! From custom closets to other storage organizers, our team is here to help. In this update, we’ll discuss one of our latest projects in the Phoenix area.  The Design Sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to achieve. We created…

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Transform Your Guest Room for the Holidays

The holidays mean a time to gather and that means guests. If you’re hosting this year, here are some tried and true tips to help transform your guest room into a little retreat for guests. These tips will make it enjoyable and comfortable for everyone involved.  Check Sensitivities There are many types of sensations that…

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Simple Tasks for an Organized Laundry Room

The laundry room should help you keep your clothes clean, but what are you doing to keep your laundry room clean? Find practical advice from the team at Closet & Storage Concepts in Scottsdale below to turn your space into one that is organized, neat, and functional. Spread it Out If you’re getting nervous or…

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Entryway Closet Tips to Make Mornings Easier

Tips to organize your entryway closet for seamless, stress-free mornings Does it always feel like you’re scrambling for time in the morning? Does it seem like you’re always running late? Make morning routines easier by starting in your entryway closet!  Why the Entry Closet? An entryway closet is often the first and last place you…

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Contemporary Closet Designs

Design Tips & Tricks to Create A Contemporary Custom Closet Custom closets are the perfect solution to help you get organized. Plus, they look great too! Since our closets are all designed for your unique project you can truly customize how it looks. Closet & Storage Concepts here in Scottsdale has completed many different closet…

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