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Awkward Angles No Match for Cave Creek, AZ Custom Closet System

Awkward angles and spaces are no match for the Closet & Storage Concepts Phoenix team! Check out the clever design plans and organizing systems in this local project completed near Cave Creek, Arizona.  Closet Storage for Awkward Angles Long and Narrow To take advantage of this long narrow walk-in closet, a mix of shelving, drawers,…

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5 Wardrobe Items to Invest In

Fall in love with your wardrobe! Step away from adding new pieces to your wardrobe constantly. One way to speed up morning routines? Make it easier to get ready in the morning by only having items that you love. These five things will take you from Saturday brunch to Wednesday power meeting. Sunglasses The Valley…

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The Outbox – Why You Should Have This One Item in Your Closet

Some closet designers and organizers have their own secrets to help their clients get organized and tidy. As your local Phoenix closet experts, we're here to provide the latest tips from the organizing world. The newest method? Try an outbox.  What’s an Outbox? First, what is an outbox? An outbox can be a basket or…

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An Introduction to Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method

And How You Can Get and Stay Organized with Closet & Storage Concepts! When it comes to New Year's resolutions, getting organized and having a cleaner home ranks right up there with increasing wealth and being healthier. This year, there is plenty of inspiration when it comes to getting and staying organized. A Japanese sensation,…

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Spring Closet Clearout

No matter the size of your closets, sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in stuff. Spring is the perfect time to evaluate your belongings, clear out what no longer suits you, and change your wardrobe. Here’s what to consider when you’re decluttering your Phoenix closet. Tag Check If an item still has a tag…

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